Michael Northrop, Artist

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Painting, Sculpture, Stained Glass and Mosaic
I have been creating art for the gallery, home and church for the past 23 years. My artwork draws upon several disciplines. I create in Oil, Acrylic and egg tempera paint as well as stained glass, mosaic, and sculpture.

St. Catherine of Siena Church. The crucifix, mosaic and stained glass are by Michael Northrop

It is my belief, that art should not make bold declarations that simply demonstrate the artist's opinion,
but should make inquiry of the viewer.
How we respond to questions tells us much about ourselves.
Conclusions we reach in answering those questions are much more likely to create an enduring impression
than the assault of a didactic statement.
~ Michael Northrop

.Michael Northrop in his sculpture studio



St. John the Baptist, sculpted by Michael Northrop

Michael Northrop, Artist - 10631 Born Street - Three Rivers, Michigan 49093

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